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Our "Ultimate Goal" is that our readers and participators of the books and resources we provide would be spiritually encouraged and helped. We hope that this in turn allows them to grow in their relationship with Christ which would enable them to better serve, minister, and spiritually influence others. If any of our materials have helped you in any way, we would love to hear from you! Enjoy reading what other customers had to say, then leave your own review below.

"Hello! My name is Amanda Mickey (formally Amanda Morales), and I just wanted to say that God is so good! My husband and I both stayed in the castle, and I just wanted to thank you for your ministry! It's a blessing and was such an encouragement to me to stay in the castle! By God's grace, we will continue to encourage everyone we know to stay in the castle! God's way is so much better than we both ever dreamed possible!


Thanks again for just being a faithful testimony for the Lord through this ministry!"


Amanda Mickey

"I wanted to take a moment and write a thank you.  We are thrilled to share the Stay in the Castle booklets with the young people who are coming to our wedding.  The Lord used it in both mine and John's life to reconfirm our commitment to the Lord that we had made years earlier.  It still amazes me how God has saved His best for my life because of that commitment.  It was worth the wait (we are both 31)!  Thank you for following the Lord's prompting in publishing this most needed story.  It's encouraged these two happy people through some very lonely years.   May God richly bless you and yours!"


John & Jennifer

"Thank you so much for the Permanecer en el Castillo (Spanish Stay in the Castle). We have connections with many pastors and their wives throughout the country of Peru and already our pastor's wife told me with a hug and tears that she has read it and it was such a blessing.  Then each of her daughters.  Afterwards she asked them 'Well, what about you, what will you decide?'  They answered 'Oh, to stay in the castle, Mama.' She plans to use it to teach at their church as do so many others.  Thank you again!  May God richly bless you!"


Joe & Lisa, Missionaries to Peru

"Thank you so much. I am giving the girls in my dorm Stay in the Castle for Christmas.  My prayer is that it will impact their lives and the lives they will minister to one day.  Merry Christmas!"



"Can you please send me 10 more copies.  I love this book & have given it to all my youth teenagers."



"I am a 19 year old girl who is staying in the castle of my father's authority and it is a real encouragement to read stories that give examples.  It is my desire to pass these booklets on to all my friends.  This is not the first time I've ordered these booklets.  God bless you!"



"I want you to know that these books have been a great help to me & my family.  I am going to pass these on to some of the young people at church.  My Sunday School class is 8-13 year olds.  I think these books will be a great help to them too.


The Seven Royal Laws of Courtship has really encouraged me.  My sister & I have been waiting for God to send us the right man.  This book helped me to see that we are no wrong by waiting.  A lot of people tell us we have to get out there & hunt for one, but I know that's not the right way.


The book about dry bones helped me to see that I am a bunch of dry bones.  I have really grown in Christ through the help of these books.  Thank you for doing what the Lord leads you to do.  To God be the Glory!"


Morgan, North Carolina

"Thank you!  We suddenly realized a few weeks ago that we had boyfriend/girlfriend issues trying to arise in our home-school co-op.  In talking with the mothers, I discovered that we all had very similar opinions regarding this topic, but didn't have a resource at hand to use.  By God's hand, one of our moms had recently read Stay in the Castle with her daughter.  She told us that book had been very meaningful for her daughter and offered to share it.  Since then, we have been passing it from family to family and have all been blessed.  Please know that the Lord is producing fruit through your efforts all over this country.  God bless you all!"


Laura, Texas

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done with all of the books you have printed.  We were actually introduced to Stay in the Castle in Germany on a mission trip.  One of the missionary wives shared this book with our girls.  We bought this book for each of the young ladies in our youth ministry.


But let me say, I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your other books.  There have been no other books that have challenged me like Is Your Youth Group Dead or Alive?.  I got so excited after reading it that I am now going through it in Sunday School.  I also thought the 7 Royal Laws of Courtship was right on target!  Thank you so much for your heart for young people & for the Word & for your vision to see the dead bones revived!  I can hardly wait to read The Teenage Years of Jesus Christ.


Please pray for  us as we are putting on the play toward the end of this month. Our youth are excited about putting it on for Youth Night & we are praying that God will use it greatly.  Thanks again for everything."


Thad, Alabama

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Jerry L. Ross is the author of a variety of great resources for pastors, youth pastors, parents and teenagers.  He also has co-written an evangelistic booklet that honors our military veterans.  If you are looking for good Bible-based materials for your home or church, you have come to the right place!

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