Parent Appreciation Night


Your youth group can put on a Parent Appreciation Night! This is a great way to obey the Bible command to “honor thy father and thy mother”.   This comb-bound book contains 3 different themes and skits your teens can put on to entertain their parents while honoring them in a very personal way.   Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions as you go from crazy skits to heart-felt testimonies of love and gratitude.   And of course all of this is done while the parents enjoy homemade desserts the teens have prepared for and served to each parent.



What is a Parent Appreciation Night?

Parent Appreciation Night (known  around our youth group – and for the rest of this booklet – as “the PAN”) is one of the highlights of our yearly youth activities schedule.  This is a night set aside for the sole purpose of allowing our teenagers an opportunity to let their parents know how much they are appreciated.  Everyone loves this night.  The teenagers have a blast putting it on, and the parents eat it up! (literally! – more on that later)  I believe this one activity does more to strengthen the bond between my teenagers and their parents than any other thing we do.

Why have a Parent Appreciation Night?

            There are many good, Biblical reasons to plan a PAN.

  1.   You are training your teenagers to obey the Bible command to honor their parents.  This night will give them an opportunity to do this publicly.  Read Ephesians 6:1-2
  2. You are strengthening your teenager’s relationship to their parents.  As a youth pastor, if I am not careful, I can weaken this relationship.  No teenager should feel closer to their youth pastor than they do their parents.  It is our job to do everything we can to point  the teens to their parents.  Read Malachi 4:6


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