Stay in the Castle: A 3-Act Play Expanded Version


Stay in the Castle: A 3-Act Play Expanded Version

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    This is the same story of the original Stay in the Castle, but uses many more characters (including elementary age), adds some humor, and lasts about an hour.  A very effective way of portraying the love of God (the King) and His willingness to adopt “whosoever will” into His family, while teaching the importance of waiting for God’s will in a marriage partner.


    Includes: 1 DVD of the original presentation of this play, 5 staple-bound scripts, one 8.5″x11″ loose-leaf script that may be copied for as many characters as needed to put on the play.

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    Author: Pastor Jerry L Ross

    Published: 2015

    Format: 5 Script Booklets + 1 Losse-Leaf Script + 1 DVD

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